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Growing your business with same-day support

Same day

Over the past few years we have seen massive growth in the number of dentists enquiring about our support services for treatments such as All-on-4. This has been led by the surge in demand for same-day treatments that provide an efficient and effective solution for patients with missing teeth.

Thankfully, at Allport & Vincent we have been able to meet this growth in demand as we have invested heavily in both technology and training to help us deliver on-site support across a range of implant systems. We even invested in a ‘mini-lab’ that our prosthodontics expert can take with him on the day of surgery, so that he can create anything from a new set of full dentures to a temporary acrylic beam.


Though it is fair to say same-day support is by no means an ‘easy’ option when it comes to the services we offer, it can be highly profitable for all parties involved. One of the biggest benefits we have noted at Allport & Vincent is that it gives the patient huge levels of satisfaction. This has a ripple effect onto all other members of the team, from the dentist to the technician and the nursing staff. From our own experience, we have discovered that this further strengthens the dentist-technician bond and even generates additional work from the same client, because of the mutual trust and respect which has been created between us.

Lessons learnt

If there is one thing we have learnt from offering support for the likes of All-on-4, it is that pre-planning is definitely key. This includes both planning for the case itself and the checking off of equipment and materials that we take with us. Though we all hope surgery will go smoothly, as the saying goes ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. We aim to be prepared for every eventuality if we can and of course, it is also important that the dentist is likewise prepared for the treatment ahead. From our perspective, we do encourage clinicians to use guided-surgery techniques, as this helps to eliminate any uncertainties and also means that we can prepare most of the main restoration before the day of surgery.

Another lesson is to be sure that the technician you send is comfortable working under pressure. They should also have the flexibility to adapt to any changes on the day of surgery. At Allport & Vincent, we employ Grahame McCaslin who is head ofour specialist product division. Grahame has over 30 years of prosthetics experience and not only responds well to pressure but has the ability to evolve and adapt individual protocols each time he works on a case. As a laboratory, this is essential as you need to identify the positives and negatives from a day of surgery, in order to draw on those experiences to improve your efficiency and the quality of the final result.

Same-day solutions

As we have seen, there have been a number of different factors driving the demand for same-day full-arch rehabilitation treatments. One of the main factors here has been the fact that patients, in a world with ever-increasing time pressures, demand quick and efficient solutions to their problems – they want their new smile immediately.

Similarly, many dentists have identified that marketing these treatments is a lucrative income stream.

As technicians then, we are in an excellent position to take advantage of this growing market in dentistry. If we can offer effective, highly-focused on-site support, then we too can reap the benefits of this innovative new treatment concept.

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